Infinite Legroom

Adjust the Legroom on these New Airplane Seats

Getting us that much closer to infinite.

Airplane legroom is an ongoing issue, and for good reason, it determines our comfort for the length of our transit. The less legroom an aircraft has, the more negative reviews and angry tweets they’ll receive. So it’s in everybody’s best interest to give us ample space. We need our knees to not be touching anything, our legs to be able to stretched if needed, and enough room to lay back and watch movies on our laptops. It’s 2015, we’re about to commercially travel to space, so this is not too much to ask. Thankfully, B/E Aerospace has invented a new seat design that would make every passenger happy.

The new seat design features adjustable seats controlled by the flight crew via a smart device (such as a tablet). Passengers would give their height at check-in, allowing the crew to change their seat positioning to provide maximum legroom for their size. The seats would move via wheels on a track running along the floor. It’s genius, and a fair approach to the issue with an eye on ultimate coziness, but unfortunately there are no plans for these seats to go into production yet. Keyword: yet *crosses fingers*. 

All we can do now is see the current amount of offered legroom, and try to pick the most accommodating airline. 

Via [Daily Mail]


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