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Watch Delta’s New Viral In-Flight Safety Video

Cameos include Moses, a sea captain, a cowboy, a ventriloquist, and the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba.

Wild in-flight safety videos are a millennial trend, from recruiting ‘The Men In Black’ to using stop-motion animation, and it makes sense; airlines aren’t going to get or hold our attention any other way. At least not anymore. For one, we’re so used to typical safety videos before take-off we tune them out. But also, we have so much information at our touch at all times that we get easily distracted. What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, Delta‘s latest viral video.

This safety video starts the way you’d expect, with a flight attendant standing in the middle of the aisle calmly staring into the camera and explaining the plane’s rules, regulations, and how to handle potentially dire situations. Every time she highlights important information, we pan away from her to see the information in action. And this is where the video’s amazingness comes in, her info is illustrated by insanely hilarious and random characters doing ridiculous things that somehow make perfect sense, such as a suspicious man handcuffed to his carry-on while trying to stash it under the seat in front of him and an owl spinning its head to check for exit signs. 

But the guest is, does Delta’s crazy new in-flight safety video top their now iconic “internetest” video on the internet? Find out below. 

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