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Celebrate Your Love of Dogs in Nepal at Kukur Tihar

Party with your dawgs and dogs, dawg.

There’s a reason dogs are a man’s best friend. Several. Those little doggy faces just do something to us that’s uncontrollable. It’s the purest most innocent form of love, and we can’t live without ’em. But do we ever tell them that? Sure a treat here and there is nice, but we should do what Nepal does, and throw an all out festival in their honor. 

Kukur Tihar is a day in Nepal where they celebrate their appreciation of dogs. Dogs roam happily while people dress them in garlands as a sign of respect, and mark their foreheads with red powder to symbolize sacredness. The part we’re sure the dogs like most though is the delicious fresh food offerings given to them lovingly by their many admirers. We should definitely do this everywhere. #HonorYourPup 

So if you’re tired of working like a dog and you’re ready for a vacation, relieve some stress at Kukur Tihar with some cuties. Learn more here

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