Infinite Legroom

Kimpton Hotels Will Bring a Goldfish to Your Room if You’re Lonely

Request an overnight guest to keep things golden.

Traveling isn’t always romantic getaways in hotel suites with mysterious locals and unforgettable nights. Sometimes it’s a solo venture for business or sometimes even if it is for pleasure you just aren’t sure where to go, or what to do. Which is why boutique chain Kimpton Hotels started “Guppy Love.”

Guppy Love is a service where Kimpton Hotels will bring lonely guests a live goldfish in a modern bowl upon request. And all you have to do is admire it, or talk to it, whatever floats your boat, because Kimpton with handle the fish’s feeding and care. In addition to your own personal lil’ gold fish fella, Kimpton Hotels are also pet friendly. Just don’t end up holed up in your room like a crazy cat lady, there’s too much to explore out there!

Guppy Love is available at a large portion of Kimpton’s near 50 hotels across the US and Canada, scope all of their locations here, and never feel lonesome in a new city again. 

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