Infinite Legroom

Use The VinniBag to Transport Your Wine and Fragile Items Back From Vacation

Bring that Booze home with you!

You’ve probably thought about this numerous times. On vacation, wine tasting or perhaps even wanting to bring back that delicious bottleof rum from the Caribbean and then you think, ‘Damn, I can’t pack that in my suitcase. It’s going to break and ruin my things’.

Now, the VinniBag is the perfect answer to transport fragile items, wine and liquor bottles in your checked bags without having to worry about breaking them. Despite their slightly hilarious demo video — we think this is a great idea and are putting it on our gift list for this year. 

Check out the VinniBag team literally throwing suitcases down flights of stairs below. To grab one for yourself or a friend, click here. 

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