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Wow Air is Making Flights To Europe As Cheap as $99

Flying from Boston to London just got a lot cheaper.

Transatlantic flights are some of the most costly flights you can take from the U.S. but that’s about to change. Wow Air, the budget airline from Iceland, is introducing fares from both Boston and Baltimore to Reykjavik, Iceland for as little as $99 each way. On top of that, they’re also offering one-stop flights from those same two U.S. cities to London and Copenhagen for $228 round trip. 

“Paying even $200 for a one-way flight to, say, London, is unheard of. It just doesn’t exist.” – Tom Parsons, CEO of

You might think these incredibly low ticket prices are a scam but they’re real. The catch is they won’t last forever and even when they are available, you’ll be nickel and dimed for everything from seat choices, carry-on costs ($29), checked luggage ($50) and more.

Even if you account for all the added fees, the flights still come in much cheaper then the average cost of $600 for a round trip flight from Boston to Reykjavik, Iceland.

For the full story and breakdown, head on over to the Washington Post.

To book a flight, head over to WOW Air where you can find flights to Europe from Boston and Washington for $99 one way!

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