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5 Tips For A Layover At ATL: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport


As the busiest airport in the world, chances are at some stage you will find yourself flying to or connecting through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – ATL. With what seems like a small city worth of terminals, gates and trams — sometimes knowing how to navigate this airport can be a lesson in and of itself. When you do find yourself with a few hours here in transit or layover, there are a few quick tips we’ve learned to make things a little bit better. 

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Tram Tips

The trams here will get you between each terminal and baggage claim. While they are pretty quick and efficient themselves, there is a little hack to make things even better. Enter the very front car of the tram (no matter where you are headed) — it will always let you out closest to the correct escalator. When it’s busy, that tip can save you precious time.

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Sleep it Off

If you have quite a few hours and need to catch a few zzz’s, then ATL has itself a mini hotel for travelers to rest and relax. Minute Suites, located in Concourse B at Gate B16 is available for a nap, relaxation or even a private space to work. Each of the five private suites has a daybed sofa, pillows and fresh blankets. You’ll also have access to Direct TV, Internet and flight updates. Rates begin at $38.00 for an hour (minimum).

New International Terminal

Even if you aren’t flying through the new International Terminal F, you can take a quick tram over and perch yourself at the brand new Starbucks Coffee, withe seating and the bonus of free Wifi. The Starbucks shares a wall with the Delta Skyclub — so you can steal the wifi and catch up on some movies or perhaps some work while you drink your mocha frappuccino.

The Airport Doesn't Mean Bad Food

If you’ve had your fair share of bad airport food, rejoice in the fact that there’s now a fine dining option at the busiest airport in the world. One Flew South, opened by Chef Duane Nutter, in Terminal E and offers exceptional sushi and expertly crafted cocktails. You can choose selections to go if you want to take them with you, or sit down to dishes like a pulled duck confit sandwich, or hanger steak with asian vegetables. Who said you couldn’t fine dine in the terminal?

Transit with Tunes

Now this is just a bonus, but if you are going to be stuck in the airport, why not sit at The Bar in Terminal E and listen to sweet tunes from a live piano player while you have a couple of drinks?

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