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Eat This: The Best New Place For Eggs Y’all Is At Egg Shop NYC

Breakfast any time you want it

Eggs — comforting, delicious and simple as they come. A food that while good on its own, can usually do the trick to make any other dish ever better, by sliding on a sunny side up with a gooey dripping yolk, or a perfectly slow cooked egg with custard like center on top. Hell, you can eat them at any time of the day and still feel satisfied. Good Great news for those living in New York City — we may have found your best new place for eggs y’all

Egg Shop, located in Nolita on Elizabeth Street, is an awesome all day brunch spot, featuring delectable and innovative dishes like create your own egg sandwiches with kick ass touches via chipotle bourbon ketchup, Meyer lemon citronette, two-hander style sandwiches with fried chicken, Serrano ham and grass fed tenderloin. Then there are fun twists on bowls and benny’s and the best thing is, they’re not going to break your brunch, lunch or dinner budget. Add in a full bar and we have a winner, folks. 

Egg Shop
151 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10012

All images via Egg Shop/Photo credit: Alli Shepherd

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