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What The Government Shutdown Means For Travel

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So as you may have heard, the ol’ government has decided to shutdown. While it may not affect you in your everyday life just yet, here’s how it may affect those of us with upcoming travel plans: 

Good news, the airports are still open and running. The planes will take off and land on schedule without a major disruption. Federal air traffic controllers, as with all essential government personnel will go about their days as usual. 

The TSA will be fully staffed – requesting your shoes be taken off, stating ‘Show me your liquids’, and there shouldn’t be any unusual delay with airport screening. In addition to the TSA, border control will be stamping passports and the Coast Guard are patrolling the ports of entry.

Need a last minute passport or visa for your trip? Fear not. The State Department will be accepting and processing applications.
However, before you leave home, check to make sure that your passport office is open. If the office is located in a federal building it might be inadvertently impacted by a shutdown. Oh, and last time there was a shutdown, over 200,000 passport applications were backlogged. Crap.

If you are currently traveling, you will have embassies and consulates open overseas.

Now, for the bad news. 

Although the airports are open, many popular US Tourist Attractions are closed. The impact will affect:

All National Parks
The Smithsonian museums
The Washington Monument
The Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island
Independence Hall
Alcatraz Island

Let’s hope we can get this all sorted, sooner rather than later. 

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