Infinite Legroom

Fly On A Panda Plane

But can it do kung-fu?

Why fly in a plain plane when it can be painted? Whether it’s Delta’s exclusive Yankees design, or your ugly mugshot on Ryan Air, it’s always fun when an airline unveils a special plane design. Like the Panda Plane.

Japan’s All Nippon Airways has crafted the panda printed aircraft in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their China flight paths, and it’s a big ass 767 that’ll take passengers from Tokyo to Chengdu, China, aka the “panda capital of the world.” In addition to the actual vessel, they’ll be serving up panda themed inflight meals, and new seat decorum. Neat. But we still think British Air is taking the cake at this whole panda party. 

All Nippon’s Panda Plane hits takes off October 1st, 2013. 



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