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Walk The Stairway To Nothingness In Austria

After conquering the Ice Palace, of course.

Now you can explore glaciers tucked deep in the Alps from the sky, on foot. Pardon? The Dachstein suspension bridge, billed as a “stairway to nothingness,” is a 328-foot long glass platform that sits 1,200 feet above Austria’s most monstrous mountains. The experience is freeing, and much like hovering as there is no apparent ground. So if you’re afraid of heights, stick to a museum or chocolate or something.

Not only is this vantage point of the Alps and Dachstein glacier NatGeo worthy, Dachstein also sets a record as the highest bridge in Austria. The property includes other attractions as well, like the highly popular Ice Palace.

Made entirely of ice, the Ice Palace is full of chiseled ice sculptures with highlighted attractions like the Throne Room, Crystal Cathedral, and Blue Parlor. Sounds like a full day of getting your Lara Croft on. Or Indiana Jones. Whatever suspends your bridge. 

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Dachstein Suspension Bridge & Ice Palace
Ramsau am Dachstein 79 
8972 Ramsau, Austria 
+43 (0)3687 22042-800

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