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10 Best Food Trucks To Line Up For In New York

Some things are worth waiting for.

One of the best times in New York City is the summer, hands down. Everyone comes out of hibernation, to hang out in these streets. During the summer months, the food trucks seem to double (or maybe we just start caring). There are tons of mobile restaurants parked all around serving up some of the best food the city has to offer. But with so much to choose form, which ones do you spend the time waiting in line for?

To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up the 10 Best Food Trucks To Line Up For In New York. Warning: some of these trucks are on the move (literally), so catch them while you can.


Korilla Food Truck

What: With a Korean grillmasta’ cooking up some of the best Korean BBQ in town, you’ll understand why the lines at these trucks are so crazy. Putting a modern spin on Korean cuisine, try out their Kimchi Tacos with a spicy K-illa Korean hot sauce. You’ll go K-razy for these.

Must order: The Porkinator: pulled pork, bacon and kimchi fried rice, kimchi slaw, kBBQ sauce, cheese, salsa and red leaf lettuce.

Where: Before you head out to get your dose of k-illa tacos, check their website before you begin to drool for these tasty things to see where they are for the day.

More info here.

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

What: Ice cream. That can be a full meal in our book. #YOLO. Stop by this truck for some over the top desserts. A fabulous, decked out truck that serves you “Salty Pimps” or “American Globes”, other wise known as soft serve ice cream with really awesome names.

Must order: Salty Pimp: vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, chocolate dip.

Where:  The trucks aren’t up and running until the summer. If you can’t wait that long check out the two locations in the city:

125 East 7th Street
New York NY 10009

61 Groove Street New York, New York, 10014

More info here.

Taïm Mobile

What: If you can bring yourself away from that awesome falafel, you would probably agree that it’s the best in town. Think Israeli street food with a gourmet twist. The menu is strictly vegetarian and mostly vegan. While you’re there, try out their smoothies or homemade juices. We heard they are to die for.

Must order: Mediterranean Platter: hummus, tahini, israeli salad, green cabbage, quinoa salad and pita.

Where: Every week, the gang updates their whereabouts in the city. Check out the website to see if they are in your hood!

More info here.

Luke's Lobster Truck

What: Nauti, kind of like a tag name, is the name of Luke Lobster’s truck in the streets. Nauti dishes out lobster rolls, crab rolls, shrimp rolls, clam chowder and more. Ok stop drooling, and find out where you can score some lobster for lunch.

Must order: Taste of Maine: Half lobster roll, half crab roll, half shrimp roll with soda, chips and pickles. Best of all the worlds!

Where: Nauti is coming out of hibernation soon. Be there when it happens!

More info here.

Wafels & Dinges Truck

What: “If there is a heaven, Waffle Truck is surely parked outside the gates.” Ahmen. Freshly made Belgium wafles topped with whipped cream and a variety of sweet and savory dinges, or toppings. From pulled pork to dulce de leche, the options for your waffle are endless. So hard to just pick one. Wait, you don’t have to. Choose WMD: Wafle of Massive Deliciousness with unlimited tops!

Must order: De Throwdown Wafle: wafle with spekuloos spread and whipped cream.

Where: Check out the website if you’re in the mood for a WMD.

More info here.

El Rey Del Taco Truck

What: After a late night of painting the town red, you’re going to need to devour something. — and quick. The El Rey Del Taco Truck is always parked in one spot, the corner of Ditmars and 31st street in Astoria Queens. Tacos to extreme nachos, the food here will be sure to soak up your night of fun.

Must order: The burritos, the tacos and the nachos are all to die for!

Where: Corner of Ditmars and 31st street, Astoria, Queens.

More info here.

Jiannetto's Pizza

What: Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!!! Jiannetto’s Pizza serves one of the best “grandma” slices in town. So bring her out to give it a try. Yes your grandmother. (Or your girl, though we’re sure it’ll still be G’ma — momma’s boy). Simple, delicious thin crust sicilian pizza served with a sauce thats sweet and hard to resist. Classic.

Must order: The thin crust sicilian with plum tomatoes, basil & mozzarella

Where: Check their tweets to see where they are for the day. They are constantly on the move!

More info here.


What: Saving the world one burger at a time. Tired of not having an option for great burgers on the go, Frites’n’Meats decided to change the game. Their killer burgers are cooked to order, and of course, you must order the killer fries. What’s the perfect burger without the perfect fries?

Must order: The wild thang burger with your choice of any toppings!

Where: Join the other 8,000 followers on twitter to see where Frites’n’Meats is dishing out killer burgers for the day.

More info here.

The Morris Truck

What: This is not your average grilled cheese. For the love of all things dairy, these sandwiches come with spicy sauces and cheese you’ve likely never heard of. Pimp your sandwich out down to the bread: garlic, multigrain or plain ol’ white bread. If you want to be daring, try the duck fat add on. We’re told it makes all the difference! Dont be scuuurrreedd.

Must order: Habanero chicken: point reyes blue cheese, wood fired chicken, pickled celery and habanero hot sauce (if you don’t order the whole menu that is!)

Where: Morris gets around. Check out their website to see where they are cruising around town.

More info here.

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck

What: Please don’t confuse this truck with Mr. Softee! Scooping out treats like Earl Grey Tea and Tahitian Vanilla, you’ll need to pause to remember these are ice cream flavors. Unreal. Oh, and you’re in luck if you’re a vegan, because Van Leeuwen Artisan just added vegan ice cream to the menu in time for summer. Swag, there’s something here for everyone.

Must order: Salted caramel with buffalo trace bourbon ice cream.

Where: For your scoop of ice cream around town, follow VLAIC on twitter to see where you can find yourself some vegan friendly ice cream.

More info here.

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