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Where to Eat Nicaraguan Food in Miami

The 5 best Fritangas in MIA.

It’s no secret that Miami is home to some of the best Latin cuisine available in North America. A trip to sunny South Florida just isn’t complete without hitting some of the culturally rich restaurants the city has to offer. Most people associate Miami with Cuban food, but there is also amazing homemade Nicaraguan food. While you’ll probably be spending most of your time strutting around South Beach or stumbling out of the clubs, you’re going to need some fuel at some point.

We’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Nicaraguan Fritangas in Miami where you can grub out on authentic Nica dishes.




Fritanga Montelimar

15722 SW 72nd St. Miami, FL 33193

Fritanga Montelimar is known as one of the best Nicaraguan Fritangas in Miami. World-renowned chef and Travel TV personality, Andrew Zimmern, gave this place his stamp of approval last summer when he stopped in for a plate of Vigoron (boiled yucca, fried pork skin, and cabbage). This Latin Cafeteria prides itself on its grilled pork, queso frito, and their homemade glasses of cacao. You can grab a decent sized meal here for $10 bucks. That’s cheaper than that Bud Light you bought at Mansion during Afrojack last night!

Fritanga Monimbo

7173 SW 117th Ave Miami, FL 33255

Like many Latin cafeterias, at Fritanga Monimbo all you have to do is peer through the glass that separates you and the food. No menu needed (but they’ve got a menu for ‘gringos’ just in case!) Dishes to try here are the pollo asado or carne asada with gallo pinto and maduros. Whether it’s a special occasion or not, nacatamales are also a must have dish at Fritanga Monimbo.


1643 SW 1st St Miami, FL 33135

Yambo is located in the Little Havana area of Miami and it’s impossible to miss. Fully decorated in tacky and colorful decorations, Yambo screams Nicaragua. The atmosphere is casual and the food is insanely cheap. For around $7 you can sit down with a full meal and the best part is… it’s open late. Yambo provides some of the best late night chow in all of Miami including the pollo and arroz enchilada, fried plantains, or masitas de puerco (pork chunks). Yambo also boasts a nice selection of natural juices such as mango, tamarindo, and pitaya (dragon fruit).


119 NW 12th Ave Miami, FL 33128

Don’t hit any of the Fritangas expecting a world class dining experience. At Pinolandia the food is served on plastic or Styrofoam plates with plastic utensils, however, you can trust that the food will be mouthwateringly delicious. Pinolandia is also open 24 hours so now you’ve got an option over Waffle House when you’re leaving a club on South Beach at 6:00 AM. Pinolandia grills a juicy and tender carne asada with gallo pinto, but you should also try some of the Nicaraguan deserts they have. Prepare for long lines at Pinolandia and there aren’t many seats so taking it to-go is a great alternative.

El Novillo

6830 Bird Rd Miami, FL 33155

Stopping in at El Novillo means you’re ordering churrasco. The juicy piece of grilled meat is one of the top dishes at El Novillo, located on the outskirts of Coral Gables. And if you’re looking for a perfect drink to pair with a meal, order up Nicaragua’s most delicious beer, Tona

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