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What Happens to TSA Confiscated Items?

The land of resellers.

The TSA took your favorite pocket knife you got in the 6th grade. Can you get it back? For a price…maybe.

Every year, 750,000 prohibited items are surrendered to the TSA. Illegal weapons seized are turned over to local authorities, but the rest of the items? They get shipped to the nearest state willing to accept them, which then resells those items to the public. Say, what? A lot of the time they end up at Pennsylvania’s Department of General Services, the largest of such places. After employees research market values and condition, items are either sold in a government surplus store or auctioned off on

Let’s just say these surplus stores have more knives than a Boy Scout troop party, but aren’t unknown to the more absurd such as horse whips, tribal spears and bullet belts. People are weird.

Via: CNN

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