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A-Trak’s Must-See Acts At SXSW

Trizzy lets you in on his most anticipated SXSW performances.

My first trip to SXSW was in 2007 when Fool’s Gold was a baby, and I’ve been going every year since. In those days it was an indie affair, a place governed by neon t-shirts and Wayfarer shades, where mostly bands played and a couple DJs infiltrated the parties. It was also a place where unsigned acts went to get noticed. Gradually, this notion of “you’ve got to go to SXSW” propagated, and even top-tier artists started showing up, perhaps not even knowing why. It’s been funny seeing the 50 Cent’s of this world touch down into Austin’s grungy venues and watching multi-million dollar brand activations in a city swarming with pedicabs. No one gets signed there anymore but there are still great concerts, in fact with more variety than ever.

From young guns to legends, here’s a bunch of people I’m looking forward to seeing live this week:


Watch yourself! He’s back. Mystikal has one of the most energetic voices in rap, and his current single “Hit Me” sounds like futuristic James Brown… Make sure you catch him this week.

Catch Him: At Kiss & Fly, Friday March 16

Kiss & Fly
404 Colorado Street, Austin TX

Prep Yourself: Mystikal – “Shake It Fast”

Black Atlass

This is what SXSW is really about: come see Fool’s Gold’s latest addition before his record even comes out. I discovered Black Atlass by stumbling onto his Tumblr and knew I had to sign him. His music defy genres, but if I had to describe it I would just say: he sings, he plays, he produces… and he looks the part.

Catch Him: At the Fool’s Gold Showcase, Saturday March 16

Emo’s East & ANNEX (formerly Beauty Ballroom)
2015 E. Riverside Dr., Austin, TX

Prep Yourself: Black Atlass – “Castles”


These Chicagoans are veterans of the Austin festival. They really came into their own this past year with monster tracks. Not only are they playing our Fool’s Gold showcase and the FG x Mad Decent x Check Yo Ponytail “Superparty”, they’re also throwing their own event called “Turn Up SXSW.”

Catch Them: At the Turn Up! SXSW, Friday March 15

Republic Live
301 W. 5th Street, Austin, TX

Prep Yourself: Major Lazer – “Original Don” (Flosstradamus Remix)

A$AP Ferg

He told you he was “fresh off the plane”!! “Work” was a strong contender for best song of last year. Fergenstein is on fire, and his live show is the most based of the A$AP camp, often including a Selena tribute. Keep an ear out for my track with the Trap Lord!

See Him: At ICE CREAM, Friday, March 15

Austin Music Hall
208 Nueces Street, Austin TX

Prep Yourself: A$AP Ferg – “Work”


Grande is a 19-year-old phenomenon on Fool’s Gold, getting some well-deserved buzz for last year’s 800 mixtape and his upcoming project Muggaman. He’s got an ear for soulful trippy beats and wisdom beyond his years. I haven’t been this hype for a Philly rapper since the State Property days.

Catch Him: At the Fool’s Gold Showcase, Saturday March 16

Emo’s East & ANNEX (formerly Beauty Ballroom)
2015 E. Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 78741

Prep Yourself: GRANDEMARSHALL – “Thuggin Shidd Pt. II”

Danny Brown

Danny was the undisputed king of SXSW last year so I’m proud to see him return for a victory lap. Fool’s Gold is gearing up to release his new album Old, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he started testing out some new anthems this week.

Catch Him: At the Fool’s Gold Showcase, Saturday March 15

Emo’s East & ANNEX (formerly Beauty Ballroom)
2015 E. Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 78741

Prep Yourself: Danny Brown performs “Monopoly” at Pitchfork

Mykki Blanco

Mykki has to be the most unique new rapper out. His videos are actual works of art. And then he puts his wig on. You need to see this to believe it. Who knows, you might even hear a new song I produced.

Catch Him: At the BrooklynVegan Showcase, Friday March 15

Maggie Mae’s Rooftop
323 E. 6th Street, Austin TX

Prep Yourself: Mykki Blanco – “Wavvy”

French Montana

Hannnnh! French calls me his Moroccan brother and I look forward to his hits (and outfits) at the Fader Fort. Coke Boys baby. Can we expect a guest appearance by Chinx Drugz?

Event: At the Fader + Converse Fort, Saturday March 16

1101 E. 5th Street, Austin TX

Prep Yourself: French Montana -“Ocho Cinco”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

When I remixed YYYs “Heads Will Roll” three short years ago, it was really just because I loved the original version so much. I’m still a huge fan — they’re a classic New York group and they really shine live.

Catch Them: At the NPR Music Showcase, Wednesday March 13

801 Red River, Austin, TX 78701

Prep Yourself: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Sacrilege”


From DJ Quik to Bone Thugs, MCs with perms have always had some magic. 100s is taking Cali pimp rap back to the future. Come catch this Ice Cold wave in person.

Catch Him: At the Fool’s Gold Showcase, Saturday March 16

Emo’s East & ANNEX (formerly Beauty Ballroom)
2015 E. Riverside Drive, Austin, TX

Prep Yourself: 100s – “Brick $ell Phone”

Ryan Hemsworth

Oh Canada! Ryan is reinventing trip hop for the Tumblr generation. With an already impressive list of remixes, we are all eagerly awaiting his upcoming releases.

Catch Him: At the Sofa King Raw Entertainment, Friday March 15

512 Rooftop
408 E. 6th Street, Austin TX

Prep Yourself: Ryan Hemsworth – “Colour & Movement”

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