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Theophilus London’s Packing Tips

Looking stylish without ever checking in.

When the last couple months of your life has been trips to Japan, Paris, and Germany, packing properly becomes of the utmost importance. But when you’re a guy like Theophilus London you need to look good, both off and on the plane. Known for his eclectic style, music and fashion, London always looks put together in the most relaxed way. He’s got tons of clothes, sneakers and is also almost always wearing a hat.

But how do you take this massive wardrobe on the road? How do you look that good and never check-in? And how do you avoid crushing all those hats?

Theophilus London has streamlined his packing process, and we’ve folded it up and fit it into a few quick tidbits. These are Theophilus London’s Packing Tips for looking stylish and never checking-in.


Photo Credit: Tracy Bailey

Must-Have Items

“First thing is really my hats, I have a lot of hats. I need to travel, of course, with my laptop, so I can do my business on the road. A nice collection of boots. I try to carry only boots with me. I used to carry a lot of sneakers, that’s changed a lot in the last six months, now it’s mostly just boots. Clothes, yeah, clothes.”


Carrying-On Vs. Checking-In

“Yeah, I honestly never like to check in. It’s very rare. I maybe checked in like three times this year. I always try to be the carry-on guy, the first one off the plane to get in my car. I’m not trying to be hanging out at the airport. I’m easy peasy. I can pack for like a month and a half trip and all I need is two bags.”

Fitting It In The Bags

“I have a weekender bag, and that bag is mostly for my toiletry stuff and my shoes that I don’t wanna crumple in my other bag. I got two pairs of shoes in there, all my socks, all my underwear, and like, a couple shirts, and maybe some jeans. I just stick all that in there. Make it so it’s packed full, and nothing can go in there anymore. Then my other one is like a hardcover case with wheels. And I put all my hard clothes in there, like all my leather jeans, leather pants, all my blazers. I used to have a suit bag, but it ripped.”

Have a Focused Look

“When I have a trip, I have a focused look in mind, and that focused look won’t consist of too many clothes. I have a lot of clothes at home, but I try to decide on a consistent uniform–which is like pants, and a blazer with a shirt. I’m not trying to be crazy and switch up it everyday or look different everyday. A consistent look is significant. My goal is to look pretty much the same everyday.”

Credit: Instagram theophiluslondon

Get A Personal Assistant

“I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty bad at losing my most valuable hats. I would go to the bathroom and take a number one and I would just leave all my hats there, right where I wash my hands just walk out and go to my flight. I’d be like, ‘Oh shit, my hat!’ But they’re gone. So then I hired a personal guy to assist me in carrying all my hats, and he bought me like this thing from New Era where I could put all my hats in this one thing, like a hat case, and that’s it!”

Packing Hats

“Right now I’m really just down with my wide brim…it’s not a fedora, I hate that word fedora. I have a wide brim hat, it’s black, and it’s great. I carry that in my hands, or have it on my head, or put it under my seat. I don’t let no one touch it.

I seen a case for the wide brim hat, but it’s too big. I even traveled with some Hasidic Jews and they have a big wide case, but they just have one hat. I don’t wanna have a big ass carry on for one hat I’d just rather have the hat on my hand.”

Packing Shoes

“Only my boots go in shoe bags, my sneakers I can crush them together, because they’re not like all great shoes anyway. I like my sneakers to have a little life in them, a little journey. I’ve walked all over in them, so, I kind of squish them together. I put paper inside of them so they can stay nice and fit when I put them on and so they don’t have wrinkles. But for the most part, I just stuff them in there. I have maybe fifty, sixty, pairs of sneakers in my closet right now, but I only take one or two on the road. This month I like this sneaker, and this month I like this sneaker. I hate sneakers I have and then I’ll like it next week.”


Packing Jewelery

“I only have around jewelery my neck and my finger. I never pack them I just wear ‘em.”


Take 'Em To The Cleaners

“I used to live in Brooklyn and I’ve never changed cleaners since, because when I was in Brooklyn, I’d buy a pair of jeans but I’m not comfortable with the fit so I’d take them to my cleaner like, ‘Can you make them more skinny?’ I got this really good relationship with them so I send all my clothes to go to Brooklyn with someone, then day before I travel. I get the right clothes I need. I lay them out, I don’t want this, I want this, also they’re not dirty because I took them to the cleaner. I put the fresh clothes in my bag and I’m off!”

Packing Toiletries

“I buy a travel pack of this brand I like that’s good on my skin. It’s called Aesop. They have one in New York, they have one in Paris, and I love it! I have a toiletry bag, I put that in there.”

Throw Out Big Toilteries

“Sometimes when I go to France, I’m very good friends with the Chanel team, so I go into the office and they always give me beautiful gifts. Like these big perfumes that I can’t bring back. There’s been a couple times leaving France I had to throw away my Chanel perfume, I cried. Like damn. Like I said, I don’t check in. So if I have a big Chanel bottle, that sucks for me. But other than that, for the most part all my stuff is small. You now now my stuff is getting more expensive. When I used to buy regular lotions for my face. ‘I’d be like alright, you wanna throw this away? Fine, I’ll just pick up another one.’ But now I’m really cautious because the stuff I’m using, I need it, you know?”

On The Plane: Comfort vs. Style

“I’m gonna be honest, I’m comfortable in my style. To me, my style is comfortable. I like to go to the airport looking stylish, you never know who you’ll run into. Sometimes I have fans at the airports. I never want to be bummy looking. I’m cool with the girls wearing the Pink pants, with PINK on their butt, with a pink Victoria Secret hoodie, that’s fine with me, but when my girl’s traveling with me, I want to look good.

Whenever traveling started, people dressed up like they were going to the Grammys. Traveling was a big deal. Of course, now everyone travels easy, but I still like to look good and comfortable at the same time. So I’m never in lousy sweatpants, or ‘Oh I gotta get dressed and go to the airport.’

I’m pretty much always looking snazzy walking out of the airport.”

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